If someone ever makes a list of the cutest animals in the world, Giant Pandas would certainly grab a top spot on it. The adorable black-and-white creatures from China are well known for eating a lot and sleeping for long. However, one of the 108 bears at the Dujiangyan Research Base for Giant Pandas is breaking the stereotype and is doing something that no other of his breed has done before.

This Giant Panda from Chengdu, China has become an online sensation in the country for his exceptional selfie skills. 


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The woman in the pictures was a tourist who took these pictures with the photogenic Panda, which is a service offered at the research center.

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 The adorable animal also posed for a picture while eating a bamboo shoot.

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Two other pictures of the cute bear and the tourist were taken by an onlooker which show the Panda trying his hand at the selfie-stick himself.

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I am sold. I am packing my bags and heading straight to Chengdu to meet this little guy.

News Source: Daily Mail