How to take Screenshot

1. Click on windows icon search for “snipping Tool” or
Go to All Programs >Accessories & select “Snipping Tool”


2. Select “New” click on right drop down menu select “Free-Form Snip” for taking any screenshot as you like


 “Rectangular snip” for taking rectangular Screenshot
 “Window snip” for taking any specific window Screenshot
“Full Screen Snip” for taking full Screen screenshot
3. After taking Screenshot there will be Picture edit window from there


How to Highlight Screenshot

1. To highlight with pen tool Select “Red, Blue Or Black pen” you can use customize pen with “Color” thickness” “Tip”
2. You can select “highlighter” too
3. To remove marking mistakes select “Eraser”
4.To Save the file go to File > Save As”
Browse file destination from left.
Give a proper file name & choose picture type from “PNG, GIF or JPGE”
Then Click ok You Screenshot will be save at your selected Location